Fashionable slangs used within the Cryptocurrency world

The cryptocurrency world will be very complicated, as lots of slangs and abbreviations are used repeatedly, particularly in articles. Newcomers to the cryptocurrency area discover it obscure these slangs, so we determined to compile an inventory of standard slangs used within the cryptocurrency world to assist make understanding simpler for newbies and even veterans within the area who could also be unaware.

FOMO (Concern Of Lacking Out)

When FOMO is used within the cryptocurrency world, it means an obsessive phobia of lacking a worthwhile alternative. The slang, stunning to know, has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

ATH (All-Time Excessive)

This time period isn’t solely used within the cryptocurrency world, however its use turned fairly standard there due to a number of cash creating new value factors that had by no means been traded earlier than. Bitcoin, Ether, ADA, Doge, BNB have all created ATHs this yr.


“HODL” means holding a coin even when it crashes, and awaiting additional progress. This time period was trending within the current cryptocurrency crash that occurred on the nineteenth of Could, 2021.

The slang got here to be on a Bitcoin speak discussion board in 2013, the place a person made a typo within the phrase HOLD (maintain), writing the phrase HODL in his panic.


“Cryptoland” is a time period that refers back to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, together with all blockchain applied sciences.

FUD (Concern, Uncertainty, and Doubt)

This time period is used within the cryptocurrency world to explain a psychological trick used to unfold doubt and worry, which may trigger a sure coin, or the complete cryptocurrency area to drop in value.

DYOR (Do Your Personal Analysis)

The cryptocurrency world is filled with lots of unknowns and uncertainties. This slang prompts traders within the area to do their analysis earlier than making any funding determination referring to cryptocurrencies. It’s probably crucial dogma within the cryptocurrency world.


This refers back to the widespread title used to explain all cryptocurrencies.

Cryptosis or OCD (Obsessive Crypto Dysfunction)

This refers to a need to soak up each little bit of details about cryptocurrency. It’s a non-life-threatening illness that’s attributable to cryptocurrency hype. Signs embody fixed speaking, studying, and listening to data relating to cryptocurrencies, normally accompanied by buying bitcoin or altcoins.

To the Moon

“To the moon” implies that the worth has risen drastically, reaching the height worth. It’s normally used when a sure cryptocurrency has executed over 100% enhance inside a brief interval.


“Whale” is used to explain an investor who owns 5 % or extra of a selected cryptocurrency’s coin in circulation. As an example, a whale in Bitcoin can be somebody who owns 5% or extra of Bitcoin’s 18,713,700 circulating provide. This whale can be somebody who owns no less than 935,685 models of bitcoin.

 Pump and dump

Pump and dump is a tactic utilized by teams to govern the feelings of the crypto market.


“Rekt” means to promote the crypto too quickly or late. In different phrases, to endure losses with out dealing with feelings.


Refers to transaction charges on the Ethereum community.


A Shitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has no utility or distinctive characteristic. It’s thought-about a foul funding primarily based on one’s subjective opinion. The time period can also be used to explain cash that don’t serve any specific objective apart from being a way of trade.


That is brief for “Satoshi,” the pseudonym utilized by the bitcoin creator. It refers back to the smallest unit of bitcoin saved on the blockchain. Satoshi refers to 1 hundred millionth bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).


Shill is used when an individual promotes a selected digital coin or blockchain challenge. Shilling on the earth of cryptocurrencies is a part of a advertising ploy to convey consciousness to sure cash that will or might not maintain any worth. This is the reason traders are suggested to DYOR.


Mainnet is a blockchain that conducts actual operations with cryptocurrency, forwarding them from senders to recipients.


AirDrop is a free distribution of tokens. Tokens can be utilized to popularize a very new coin, which isn’t but on the exchanges. Thus far, solely preliminary gross sales of tokens are carried out.

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