HODL, bull market and 9 different crypto-related phrases defined

What’s a market cap? 🧢

While all this crypto enterprise may be very thrilling for beginner merchants resembling myself, there’s an unavoidable sense amongst noobs (once more, myself very a lot included) that though we get the final gist of crypto, we concurrently have completely no thought what’s going on. Opening Twitter and being met with a load of jargon from “bear market” to “HODL” can get actually complicated for newbies who simply need to make a bit of cash.

Nevertheless, you will need to perceive a few of these phrases. So, what does HODL imply? Is shopping for the dip a great or a foul factor? And is a blockchain one thing I ought to care about? Here’s a record of essentially the most generally used crypto-related phrases for newbies.

Bull market

Put merely, the bull market signifies that forecasters imagine the market is doing nicely and on an upwards development. Costs are both on the rise or anticipated to imminently rise. Subsequently…

Bear market

A bear market is the direct reverse of a bull market – costs are happening or predicted to take action.


There some extent when you could really feel as if it’s essential determine between promoting off your crypto earlier than you lose any remanence of revenue, or HODL. HODL is an abbreviation of Maintain On for Pricey Life, and primarily means you strap your self to the crypto rocket and cross your fingers that it takes you on a one-way journey to the moon.

In the identical approach, to “maintain” your crypto is to easily go away it untouched with out buying and selling it.

Purchase the dip

To purchase the dip is to purchase crypto when it has dropped or dipped to a decrease worth. The concept is that by buying crypto when it dips in worth, you might have the potential to see a return if it goes again up in worth.


To lengthy a foreign money is to buy and hold it with the intention of promoting sooner or later as soon as it has grown in worth.

Bitcoin is seen as one of many extra steady cryptocurrencies (in that it now doesn’t fluctuate almost as a lot as among the different cash) and as such folks will are likely to lengthy BTC within the hope that its worth will incrementally rise over time.


That is probably essentially the most acquainted abbreviation on the record because it isn’t particular to crypto. FOMO stands for Worry Of Lacking Out and lots of use it in cryptocurrency discourse when discussing cash which have perceivable potential.


ATH is an abbreviation that stands for All-Time Excessive. When a foreign money reaches its highest level since inception, you’ll see this phrase being thrown round Twitter by cryptobros.


To leverage when buying and selling is to borrow cash from others with the settlement to make more cash. As soon as cash has been made, the cash is returned and a proportion of the winnings is saved.

There’s as a lot potential to amplify your earnings as there’s your losses, and leverage buying and selling is understood to be significantly dangerous due to this.

Market cap

The market cap of a cryptocurrency is the overall worth of each coin that has been mined. It’s calculated by multiplying the amount of each coin in circulation by the market worth per coin.

Due to this, the market cap of a coin can fluctuate rapidly because the quantity modifications each time new blocks are mined. Bitcoin at present has the very best market cap at over £500 billion.

Stake/staking rewards

Staking is holding crypto in your pockets. By doing so, you help the operations of the blockchain community. They then reward you for this by paying you small increments of crypto, just like curiosity from a financial institution.

Some cryptos pay staking rewards while others don’t.


A blockchain is a sort of database, a computing energy made up of many separate techniques globally. Bitcoin, like the vast majority of different cryptocurrencies, is a blockchain that isn’t centralised – which signifies that nobody individual has management and it’s close to unattainable to destroy.

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